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The physical elongation and thinning of stretch film between two interlocked rollers. Generally expressed by the ratio between those two rollers.

All of Malpack's films are engineered to exceed standard pre-stretch levels for the types of equipment in the field today.

The amount of force stretch film exerts inward into a load to unitize it as one. Measured with a load cell wrapped by the film and displayed in pounds (lbs.). Load retention, or force-to-load, is an important component to securing your load properly.

All of Malpack's machine films provide excellent load retention for safe and secure shipments in transit.

The relative comparison of a material's resistance to failures caused by penetration. For example, how easily does your finger poke through a film sample?

All of Malpack's films are engineered to provide excellent puncture resistance, which makes them functional to work in any environment. Malpack has films that will handle all load types: A, B, or C loads.

Film that is fabricated by continuously pumping the polymer and resin formula through a straight slot orifice (die), then reducing the temperature of the hot sheet of plastic immediately afterwards by making contact with a cooled roller. Film width is determined by the length of the slot. Thickness is determined by how fast the casting roll pulls the plastic away from the slot (or die).

All of Malpack's films are produced using the cast extrusion process, providing the most consistent film in the industry.

Cast film (All Malpack films are cast)

  • Superior optics
  • High containment
  • Lower modulus (stretches easily)
  • Quiet unwind
  • Non-migratory
  • Excellent gauge control

Blown film

  • Hazy
  • Dull
  • Noisy unwind
  • Poor load containment
  • Migratory cling
  • Poor gauge control

Load types affect the variables (machine, gauge, tension) required to wrap different pallets.

"A" load is up to a 3” protrusion out of the pallet – uniform pallet

"B" load is 3” to 6” protrusions out of the pallet

"C" load is greater than 6” protrusion out of the pallet

Reducing the thickness of film used in a given application. Usually done when a thinner film can produce equivalent or satisfactory performance. Malpack offers both hand and machine films that can down gauge the competition.