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Many factors go into choosing the best film for your application. Our reps are trained to guide you through this selection process and demonstrate the correct film for your load needs and budget. Use this guide to help you navigate the decision-making process.

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Look beyond the $/lb

Understand the value in pricing when choosing ultra-high-performance films, as the distinct quality means lower consumption than that of conventional films.

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Embrace technology

Achieve the same results with up to 40% less product by using highly engineered films.

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Improve load stability

Save more by securing your loads at the lowest cost per wrap.

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Reduce your carbon footprint

Use less film and reduce your CO2 emissions by 6kg for each kilogram of plastic saved!

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Beat the competition

Leverage advancements in technology and equipment to stay ahead of the competition.

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Reap the rewards of your efforts

We will work tirelessly to support you to continuously help drive savings in cost and consumption.

Our product line

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At Malpack, our Films are designed with your needs in mind. Explore our catalog for an in-depth look at technical specifications, product benefits, and all the information you need to purchase the right film for you.

Hand Films

Hand Films

  • Variety of film for easy application.
  • Exceptional clarity and low gauges.
  • Superior load containment.
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Machine Films

Machine Films

  • Revolutionary extrusion technology.
  • Low gauge with puncture resistance.
  • Superior load containment.
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Specialty Films

Specialty Films

  • Ultra-violet protection for products.
  • Wide Web film for larger items.
  • Custom branding labels and packaging.
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Cross references

Get the right film faster

Instantly find the best Malpack stretch film for you with our cross reference tool. Compare products across the stretch film industry and discover which of our Films will give you the highest performance and biggest savings.

Select brand

  • Intertape
  • AEP
  • Amtopp
  • Berry Plastics
  • Sigma
  • Paragon
  • ITW/Signode
  • Val Film

Select Product

  • Stretch Flex – SF1
  • Stretch Flex – SSC
  • Super Flex
  • Genesys
  • Genesys Ultra
  • Stretch Flex HWII
  • Stretch Flex HWIV Hand
  • Pro lite hand
  • Orbit air Pre Stretch
  • HW Handwrap
  • XB SuperMicron Handwrap
  • HH Handwrap
  • ADW Handwrap
  • XH SuperMicron Handwrap
  • ADC Alpha Series
  • A1 Alpha Series
  • EXP Excalibur
  • ADU Advantage
  • PRO 5E
  • XR SuperMicron Machine Film
  • XRPLUS SuperMicron Machine Film
  • LoadStar Machine
  • EP Series Machine
  • EH Series Machine
  • LoadStar HLB/P Hand
  • HS Series Hand
  • HC Series Hand
  • Apex Machine
  • Pallet Lock Pre Stretch
  • Stratos
  • R122
  • R122Q
  • TT
  • MP2
  • Fortitude
  • Win Lock
  • HWX Hand
  • MaxTech QM1
  • Classic Blown Hand
  • Select Cast Machine
  • Supreme Blown Hand
  • World Wrap Hand
  • Secure Blown Machine
  • Magnum Cast Machine
  • Summit Machine
  • Vortex Blown
  • Evolve
  • Sigma Stretched Hand
  • Eco supreme hand
  • Spartan Hand
  • Torque Oriented Hand
  • Global Force
  • Cold Force
  • Nexus
  • GaleWrap Oriented
  • Eliminator
  • ST Machine
  • Accuwrap
  • SAN Machine
  • SAP Machine
  • SAU Machine
  • SHN Hand
  • ValLock
  • Val 7 & 8 Pre Stretch

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Best Performance

Stretch Max

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Pro Max

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Best Performance

Axis 2.0

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Best Performance

Pro Max

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Best Performance

Cold Max

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Malpack - Product Safety

Product Safety

Don’t sacrifice your product’s safety. Malpack will help you select the appropriate film for your application taking into account any and all conditions.

Malpack - Smart Layer® Technology

Smart Layer® Nano Stretch

State-of-the-art stretch film that pairs the latest advancements in extrusion equipment with resin technology. Smart Layer® Nano Stretch is now available in our Axis machine films.