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At Malpack, we have over 40+ years of experience in the conversion, extrusion and manufacturing of films. We have been at the forefront of innovation and development in the film industry with our commitment to providing high quality products and superior customer satisfaction.

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Malpack - QucickShip

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Malpack - QucickShip

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Our Products

Axis 2.0 - Machine Film - Malpack
Platinum Max - Machine Film - Malpack
Pro-Max - Machine Film - Malpack
Stretch Max - Machine Film - Malpack
Vmaxx Wrapplicator - Hand Film - Malpack
Vmaxx Pre-Stretch - Hand Film - Malpack
Platinum Max - Hand Film - Malpack
Max Wrap - Hand Film - Malpack
Axis 2.0 Stretch Film - Machine Film - Malpack

Axis 2.0 Stretch Film

Our most advanced machine film, Axis 2.0, delivers better load containment, more puncture resistance, additional elongation, and a higher cling package. This machine film is unmatched in the ultra-high-performance category with industry-changing next-level performance and containment.

  • Extruded with our SmartNano technology
  • Highest load containment, thinnest gauge profile
  • Down gauge opportunities in all applications
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